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V-46 Stringer Grid Infusion
It was all hands on deck for the resin infusion of the first V-46’s structural stringer grid. Our design, engineering and manufacturing experts monitored the 30-minute process “to optimize build efficiency,” says Viking Design and Engineering Vice President Lonni Rutt. “There’s a redundancy with certain build-process materials for the part’s initial infusion that’s fined-tuned for future builds.”

Utilizing a calculated resin-to-fiberglass ratio, the structural stringer grid minimizes weight while bringing stiffness and strength to our high-performance center console. An engineered composite of fiberglass fabrics and coring is infused with vinylester resin using a vacuum.

We build the grid as an independent component for a more effective overall manufacturing operation. “These structural stringer grids are used in all of our V Series models,” says Lonni. “They essentially serve as the backbone of the entire structure. They’re a big reason for the smooth, solid ride of our boats.” This building method also allows for gelcoat-finished interior sections, and enables the installation of chases for wires and hoses.

The Valhalla 46 will make its world premiere at the Viking Yachts and Valhalla Boatworks VIP Preview in Riviera Beach, Florida, on January 29 and 30, 2021.
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