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Production of our new Valhalla Boatworks (VBW) V-55 is charging forward at full throttle. You can feel the energy on Line 5 here in New Gretna, New Jersey, where our shipwrights are working diligently on the new V Series flagship. And we’re not just talking about hull No. 1. This week hull No. 2 will be pulled from its mold, the stringer grid for hull No. 3 has just been resin-infused and many other vital parts for future V-55s are being built. We’ve sold nearly 50 boats since the Valhalla 55 was announced at our 2022 VIP Boat Show. Hull No. 1 will be a Haze Grey model with quad 600s and a Palm Beach Towers gap tower. Here’s another behind-the-scenes look at the build process of our first V-55.

After the hull was pulled from its mold, its transom bustle was installed. Like the structural stringer grid, this part is bonded to the hull using a special methacrylate adhesive, which is being applied (left) by one our shipwrights in Viglass, our Fiberglass Department. The installed bustle – further secured with fiberglass and mechanical fasteners on the inside of the joint – is shown at right. You can also see that the boat’s five fuel tanks (which hold a standard 1,200 gallons) have been installed. They are coated with a protective epoxy and secured in place with foam. Each of the four outboards will have the ability to draw from the center and forward saddle tanks; the fuel in the aft saddle tanks can be transferred – via a similar system utilized on Viking convertibles – to the center tank.


Left: Like our Vikings, all accessible bilge areas are sealed with gelcoat and top-coated with Snow White Awlgrip for ease of maintenance and enhanced visibility. Right: The V-55 is the largest center console that utilizes the ground-breaking Michael Peters Yacht Design Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel, which is shown at right. The most advanced running surface of its kind, the patented design’s double steps and centerline tunnel combine to reduce drag while increasing speed, efficiency and stability.

Our new flagship was designed and engineered from the onset to be powered with four or five Mercury 7.6-liter V12 600-hp Verados. Left: Foreman John Thornton (red shirt) and Chris Papandrea prepare the final engine for installation. Right: Overhead electric hoists position the 1,260-pound outboard for mounting. Vice President of Design and Engineering Lonni Rutt (lower left, blue shirt) oversees the progress. Given the deep-V shape of the hull, the two inboard engines utilize 35-inch shafts, while the outboard powerplants use 30-inch shafts.

Electrical hoists, which move via overhead steel rails, also allow our shipwrights to install other large devices, such as the Seakeeper 9. Like in all other V Series center consoles, the Seakeeper is installed forward of the lazarette on centerline in a space that’s engineered and built for that model’s particular gyro.

Fresh from its mold, the above image shows hull No. 1’s coaming ring, which includes the toe rail, anchor locker hatch and dual 65-gallon transom live wells. (The coaming, bustle and other parts for hull No. 2 have also been pulled.)

The deck liner – which consists of the cockpit, raised helm deck and the foredeck – begins its resin infusion process (left) and is later pulled from its mold (right).

At 15 feet, 6 inches, the V-55 is the beamiest center console from 50 to 60 feet. That said, the deck liner is simply huge. In the stern, you can see the port and starboard dive door openings as well as the molded-in areas for the Seakeeper, fish boxes and mechanical/electrical access hatches. Moving forward on centerline you have the raised areas for the helm and aft seating, including the dam (red rectangular area) for the refrigerated box under the mezzanine seat.


Stay tuned for more updates on the build process of our new V-55. For more information, please visit our website or you can contact your authorized VBW dealer.  

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