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Valhalla Boatworks V Series center consoles are designed for maximum ease of use, maintenance and access. Their functional, clean layouts are a refreshing alternative to boats laden with unnecessary equipment and handicapped with inaccessibility. This recently delivered Valhalla 37 is just one example of the Valhalla difference, with its safe, functional and expansive deck spaces.
The wide sidedecks, open bow and low-profile bow rail will be appreciated whether you’re working a jumping sail or tarpon, dealing with the anchor or simply grabbing a dock line. The owner of this V-37 wanted to maximize on-deck real estate, opting to go without the popular port and starboard forward bench seating.
The importance of toekick space for balance cannot be overstated. The “floating” console and helm seating modules, integrated toekick all the way around the cockpit (including across the transom, live well and dive door) and grippy nonskid ensure surefootedness and heighten safety while optimizing deck space.
The efficient design philosophy extends to all areas of our V Series center consoles, including the beautifully crafted hardtop with its molded-in radar pod, spreader lights and overhead electronics pod. The ProCurve solid glass enclosure offers gin-clear visibility and excellent weather protection in a sleek design. The Valhalla helm layout is a work of art, intuitively designed with superb ergonomic detail that stresses operator ease of use.
The holistic vision of the Valhalla design shines through from any angle and from any distance. For more information on our game-changing fleet of center consoles from 33 to 46 feet contract our authorized VBW dealer.
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