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Tooling Process
New product is the pulse of the Viking Yacht Company, and one of the keys to our consistent innovation is our two five-axis CNC routers. In this V Report, follow the fascinating transformation of a massive foam block into the sophisticated double-stepped hull of the new Valhalla 46.
Tooling begins in the five-axis control center, where CNC Programmers Jason Taylor and Christian Twiggs (above) develop computer programming code based on the 3D models and CAD drawings created by the Viking Design and Engineering Department. The programs are then uploaded to the routers, which carry out the tool paths to create plugs for the hull, deck, liners, console, seating modules, fishboxes and dozens of other parts.
In the setup and block-up stages, the EPS foam structure must be leveled and oriented precisely before five-axis cutting begins.
The larger $1 million CNC machine handles the hulls and large parts. In the rough-cut phase, it carves away the bulk of the material, creating an offset surface of the actual hull shape. An epoxy paste is applied to the entire surface and allowed to cure.
The structure is then cut into its final shape to serve as the plug that will be used to create the hull mold. The plug is also sealed, faired and primed.
A handheld laser scanner is used to collect millions of data points to create a 3D image, which is then analyzed alongside the original Computer-aided Design (CAD) of the V-46. “The scanner captures the complex surfaces in great detail and builds a highly accurate computer mesh,” says Mark Rogers, Viking’s Product Development 3D Laser Scan Metrologist. “The technology allows us to validate the fit and function of hundreds of parts before going into production.”

Once validated, the process of building the hull mold begins with the application of gelcoat to the plug. In a video later this month, the V Report will show you the entire process in detail, from CAD to completion – and you’ll meet some of the amazing people who make it all happen. Stay tuned!
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