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Talk about Carpe Diem. The Samuels family and friends have fished the heck out of their new Valhalla 33 Lily, seizing every possible day since taking delivery only two months ago. They’ve logged more than 200 hours, catching all manner of species in southeast Florida in the Snow White V-33, powered by twin Mercury 450Rs.
“Close to home, we’ve fished everything from snappers and sailfish to tilefish and swordfish,” says Mike Samuels, who as Vice President of Customer Service for Viking runs the Viking Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach. “We’ve explored as far north as Sebastian during red snapper season and as far south as Key West, fishing the old Air Force radio towers in the Gulf of Mexico.” Above, from left to right: Mike, his wife Dawn Samuels, and friends Shelby Callison and Richard Sandoval. Below: Mike’s father John with a nice red snapper and Dawn with a golden tilefish. Ahh…the salt life!
“The speed of the boat gives us the ability to cover ground and do things that were not possible with our old center console,” explains Mike, whose family also fishes the Viking 66 Princess Lily. “The Valhalla is amazingly fast, stable and unbelievably dry. But it also performs incredibly in rough conditions, riding with the same level attitude at 25-30 knots as at 45 knots. Hands down the most impressive center console I have been on in my 30 years of fishing on them.”
“People compliment the boat everywhere we go whether running or tied up,” Mike says of Lily, which is dressed with enhancements such as a faux teak toe rail and transom as well as a sweet Aristo Blue hull bottom and hardtop underside. “And the best part is it looks pretty but is also a perfectly laid out fishing platform.”
Lily is outfitted with a number of fish-focused features, including recessed pancake teaser reels, Gemlux internal carbon fiber outriggers, transom live well (with Aristo Blue interior) and electric reel outlets. “We’ve used every piece of equipment on the boat,” notes Mike. “Plus, we added a custom 24V outlet system installed by the Service Center so we can use our 24V LP [Lindgren-Pitman] reels on both the Viking and the Valhalla.”
An evolution of Viking excellence, Valhalla Boatworks pushes center console quality, luxury, performance and fishability to unprecedented levels. The fleet consists of the V-33, V-37, V-41 and V-46. For more on the V Series, please contact your authorized Valhalla Boatworks dealer.
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