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Another Milestone for VBW
Our VIP has become an iconic event for Valhalla Boatworks, with each year ushering in a new milestone. At the 2019 VIP Preview, Viking shocked the marine industry with the announcement of its ground-breaking center console company dedicated to producing the finest high-performance luxury center consoles in the world. The first three models of the V Series – the V-33, V-37 and V-41 – were showcased at the same event only 12 months later. And at this year’s Viking and Valhalla VIP Boat Show, a new flagship of the fleet – the highly anticipated Valhalla 46 – will make its world premiere.
After the long haul from Viking Mullica in New Jersey to the Viking Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach, Florida, the V-46 was eager to stretch her legs in the ocean. The Valhalla 46 has surpassed all performance expectations, delivering tremendous speed, acceleration, handling and a picture-perfect running attitude that offers excellent visibility.
Even without her full attire (such as outriggers, radar antenna, FLIR thermal camera and other components), the V-46 was looking sharp when these first few pictures were taken last weekend by our friend Steve Momot at AH360 Photography.
“The team effort at Viking Mullica was incredible, especially these last few weeks as the build of hull No. 1 was completed,” said Viking President and CEO Pat Healey. “Without question, we have the best people in the industry.” Shown in the cockpit of hull No. 2 at Viking Mullica, from left to right: William Fabian, Viglass Supervisor; Dan Wilk, Foreman of Electrical & Rigging; Joe LoSasso, Foreman of Deck Assembly; John Leek IV, General Manager; Jim McLaughlin, Production Manager; Obed Santiago, Trim Department Foreman; and Carl Barbatto, Supervisor of the Dock and Make Ready Department.
Viglass Supervisor William Fabian (blue shirt) and Foremen (from left to right) Jose Ceron, Huberto Flores and Saul Solano have been working together – first at Viking New Gretna and now at Viking Mullica – for more than 20 years. They’re shown inside hull No. 6 on the V-46 manufacturing line.

The Valhalla 46 along with the entire V Series and a fleet of Vikings will be on display at the Viking and Valhalla Boatworks VIP Boat Show, which starts next week on Thursday, January 28, and runs through Saturday, January 30. Stay tuned for more pics!
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