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Valhalla 33
We talk a lot about the signature design traits of our Valhalla center consoles: double strakes, chines and steps; S-shaped sheer; transom bustle; and faux teak transom to name a few. The quality, style and aesthetic allure of these exterior characteristics are in plain view in the images of the V-33 above and below. But the pedigree of a Valhalla permeates throughout the entire boat, including in areas that are completely out of sight.
Beneath the cockpit sole, there is a story to tell – one of quality, engineering and attention to detail. The V-33’s twin insulated fish boxes with macerator pumps and overboard drainage flank the lazarette hatch and in-deck live well. All hatches have deep drain channels and gaskets that fit into molded channels to keep them in place and functioning as designed. The lids themselves are things of beauty, manufactured using the Light Resin Transfer Molding process that results in a smooth finish on both sides.
Notice that all lids are held fully open for maximum accessibility with single or dual stainless steel gas pistons. Compression latches are used for a tight seal. All surfaces are finished in bright white for better visibility and easier cleaning.
Bilge pumps are kept at the lowest point aft, below the main bilge liner for a dry, clean lazarette. The custom fuel manifold system is easily accessible on the port side. The system allows the V-33’s two engines to draw from any of the boat’s three fuel tanks (port, starboard and center). Opposite the fuel manifold, all live well and sea chest plumbing valves are easily accessible for use and adjustments to flow requirements.

An evolution of Viking excellence, Valhalla Boatworks pushes center console quality, luxury, performance and fishability to unprecedented levels. The fleet consists of the V-33, V-37, V-41 and V-46. For more on the V Series, please contact your authorized Valhalla Boatworks dealer.
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