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All Summer Long
From the Northeast Canyons to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, Valhalla owners had a blast this summer filling sun-drenched days with fishing and cruising adventures. Like postcards mailed home from camp, they sent us some of their magical summertime moments.
Elliot Sudal hooked this massive 500-pound bluefin off Nantucket. Captain Matt Mercer was at the wheel of the V-41 Nauti Peach when the 95-inch monster bit.
Go Route, a Valhalla 46 with a Palm Beach Towers gap tower, enjoyed fishing and boating out of her homeport of Destin, Florida.
Summer Sundays were fundays for these two kiddos. It’s always a good time boating on a Valhalla off the South Jersey shore.
Based out of Rockport, Texas, the Valhalla 41 La Dama ran dredges off the booms and teasers from the tower to the outriggers to keep dinner on the table all season long.
This V-37 saw plenty of ladies’ days this summer. The fun-loving, New-England-based Valhalla angled and cruised off the coast of Massachusetts with a co-ed crew.
Captain John Galvin kept the El Diablito crew up to their gills in tuna. Here’s a shot of the V-41 fishing the Big Game Battle in Nantucket with a big old bluefin.
Patriot, a Valhalla 37, spent the summer fishing the Northeast Canyons. Although late for the morning bite, this trip ended well with a box full of yellowfin and albacore and a white marlin release.
Ziggy spent June in Jupiter, Florida, cruising on her V-41 Tailquila. Here she is beating the dog days of summer with her bestie Winnie.
And some people just enjoyed their morning coffee with a priceless view.
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