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"Tuna-Fishing Machine"
Sam DiFeo wasted no time breaking in his new Valhalla 41 Andiamo, which we highlighted in the Aug. 4 V Report. Days after taking delivery, the DiFeo family saw immediate success in their hunt for tuna off the New Jersey coast. “On our maiden voyage my 12-year-old son caught the first tuna on the boat—a 40-pound yellowfin,” says Sam, pictured at right with his boy and mate Alex Fatenko. They followed that up with a mid-shore bluefin tuna trip and went 16 for 20, led by Captain Gene Quigley (@shorecatchcharters).
Pictured on the Bass River before heading to her homeport, the stunning Flag Blue Andiamo (which means “Let’s Go” in Italian) was like a thoroughbred at the starting gate. “We bought the boat to be a serious tuna-fishing machine for the New Jersey mid-shore and offshore circuit but also really to be a family fishing boat at the same time,” says Sam. “My angler children are 12, 13, 14 and 15. We love the boat because it’s fast, stable and comfortable. For the run-and-gun style tuna fishing we do, it’s perfect. With the addition of the marlin tower, monitoring the spread while trolling is a game-changer.” It’s not a bad spot for a family photo either.
The whole family got into the action on two picturesque days, with lots of beautiful scenery and bent rods. The kids are shown wetting a line at sunrise (left), and Sam’s brother Brian brings in a fish while Gene readies the gaff.  
The tower is great, but Sam and the entire family are also raving about the Seakeeper 3, which makes a day out on the water all the more enjoyable. Since Andiamo is a fish-and-cruise Valhalla, the forward seating with teak Release Marine backrests and console lounge are also huge hits for the DiFeo clan.
The V Report invites you to send along any of your pictures from your most memorable summer trips on your Valhalla.
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