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Mercury Outboards
­The Valhalla V Series fleet at the Miami International Boat Show (which wrapped up Sunday) was a showcase of Mercury outboard options, with each boat powered with a different engine model, configuration and horsepower rating.
Triple 7.6-liter V12 600-hp Verados provided the giddy-up for the Valhalla 46. The 600 – the highest-horsepower outboard ever developed by Mercury Marine – features a naturally aspirated, large displacement, quad-cam powerhead; a steerable dual-propeller gearcase; extended service intervals; and a two-speed automatic transmission. The Valhalla 46 – and the just-announced V-55 – was designed and engineered for these new Mercury powerplants. Triple 600s push the V-46 to a 67.5-mph maximum speed.
Check out this fearsome foursome of Mercury 450Rs. With these super-charged 4.6-liter V8s, the Valhalla 41 is the fastest in the fleet with a top-end north of 75 mph.
A trio of Mercury 300-hp Verados delivers sensational performance from their rock-solid V8 4.6-liter powerheads, giving the V-37 Wild Thing the power to party all night long.
Our V-33 featured a pair of inline 6-cylinder Verado 400s. Like the 450Rs, these outboards are super-charged for incredible acceleration every time you drop the throttles.

For more information about the V Series and available power options, please contact your authorized Valhalla Boatworks dealer. And as Mercury says, “Go Boldly!”
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