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V Reports
Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel
The hull designs for the V-33 , V-37 and V-41 (above) are the result of a cooperative effort of the Viking Design & Engineering team and Michael Peters Yacht Design (MPYD), with Viking incorporating specific deadrise, bottom rocker shape, strakes and chines into a bottom that utilizes MPYD’s patented Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT). It’s a match made in heaven – and a big reason the V Series has become one of the most coveted center consoles on the water today. Let’s take a closer look.
The double steps introduce air to the running surface to break the wetted surface, effectively reducing drag while increasing speed and efficiency. The leading edges of the side vents help usher in the air quickly while the trailing edges permit an efficient release aft.
The other difference maker is the ventilated tunnel, which extends from the aft-most step to the transom. It brings great stability, handling and maneuverability to the boat at cruising and high speeds, with the tunnel’s walls locking in the stern for a strong grip on the water.
Valhalla owners were aware of the performance benefits of the V Series design but they’ve become even more impressed as they run their boats in various capacities. “It’s amazing,” says Rick Levinson, referring to the high-speed handling of his Valhalla 33 SeaFlame. “The stern sticks to the water. There’s no skidding or sliding. There’s no ventilation of the engines – they’re still digging in and providing plenty of thrust.”

For more information about the V Series we cordially invite you to contact your authorized Valhalla Boatworks dealer. You can also check our website and our Vimeo video library .

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