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Piping Hot

One of the key benefits of owning a Valhalla is that you have the same resources at your disposal as Viking customers, including the subsidiaries of Atlantic Marine Electronics (AME) and Palm Beach Towers (PBT). We recently captured some images of hull No. 33 of the V-41, which sports a custom fold-down marlin tower from PBT.

Next-Gen Fishing

Watch Valhalla Boatworks' Sean Healey, Galati Yachts Sales' Nick Galati and Josh Shields, the grandson of Los Sueños Resort and Marina owner Bill Royster, compete in Leg 1 of the 2021 Signature Triple Crown aboard the fastest boat ever to participate in the prestigious annual event - the Valhalla 41 center console.

V-46 New Photos

The V-46 was introduced only a few weeks ago, but the boating world has already crowned our new Valhalla flagship as king of the big center consoles. If you followed the evolution of the Valhalla 46, you’re probably not surprised.

Exclusive New Video

The best of three different photoshoots collide in this exclusive new video of the ground-breaking V-46 center console. Guaranteed to get your blood pumping, the new flagship of the V Series is truly a center console lover’s Valhalla.

Breaking News

The world’s best big center console just got better. Valhalla Boatworks (VBW) is proud to announce that it will offer Mercury’s new game-changing 7.6-liter V12 600-hp Verado outboards on the Valhalla 46, the newly introduced flagship of the V Series.

Misssion Accomplished

“To tell you this has been an incredible experience is an understatement,” says Pat. “I’m so proud of our entire team. It’s been six months of hard work, but the result is nothing short of spectacular. The performance and handling, the layout and fishability, and the quality and workmanship are second to none.”

Clean Look

The Valhalla 46’s custom curved windshield and frame are key to its excellent visibility and clear sightlines from the helm. The console, helm seating modules and forward lounge are all elevated on a 7-inch-high platform, which further optimizes the 360-degree view.

Dream Team

At the 2019 VIP Preview, Viking shocked the marine industry with the announcement of its ground-breaking center console company dedicated to producing the finest high-performance luxury center consoles in the world.

Thrillin' and Chillin'

The Valhalla Boatworks V-41 can be anything you want it to be – sexy-fast sportboat, fish-raising offshore center console and luxury day cruiser are a few examples. With a quartet of Mercury Verado 400s, she takes off like a rocket and hits a top speed north of 70 mph.

Change of Scenery

Time for a change of scenery? The Valhalla 33 is your ticket to destinations near and far. This V-33 is anchored off the Caribbean island of Vieques east of Puerto Rico, which is known for its gin-clear waters, secluded beach coves and natural wildlife.

Fast and Furious

Look out 2021 – here comes the Valhalla 46! The new flagship of the Valhalla Boatworks V Series is in the final stages of production at Viking Mullica and will make her world premiere in just three short weeks.

Best Fit & Finish

Our Valhalla Boatworks center consoles are built to the highest levels of fit and finish in the industry. That meticulous attention to detail shines through in this V Report, with our team of shipwrights at Viking Mullica carefully installing a myriad of parts in all shapes and sizes.

Height Advantage

Hot off the presses, here’s a collection of new renderings of our exciting new V-46 with a Palm Beach Towers (PBT) gap tower. Like the V-33, V-37 and V-41, the Valhalla 46 can be outfitted with either a custom gap tower or fold-down marlin tower.

Destined to Dominate

From live wells and fish boxes to teaser reels and rod storage, Ryan Higgins from Valhalla Boatworks and Viking Yachts highlights the V-46's tremendous fishing features, equipment and overall capabilities. Our new flagship has the size, seating, engineering and fishability to thrive no matter your location, choice of species or type of fishing.

Rising Star

Last week marked another milestone for our exciting new Valhalla 46. After its structural stringer grid was bonded in place, hull No. 1 rose to the rafters at Viking Mullica as our shipwrights pulled the massive structure from its mold and placed her on a custom cradle.

Bad to the (Back)bone

Utilizing a calculated resin-to-fiberglass ratio, the structural stringer grid minimizes weight while bringing stiffness and strength to our high-performance center console. An engineered composite of fiberglass fabrics and coring is infused with vinylester resin using a vacuum.

China Girl

If you like talking boats, here’s a highly customized Valhalla 41 that’s a conversation starter for sure. From her metallic Caribbean Blue exterior and Palm Beach Towers (PBT) marlin tower to her unique cockpit rigging station and inexhaustible tackle storage, the V-41 China Girl has a boatload of features and equipment worthy of discussion.

People Power

From CAD design to completed mold, the next chapter of Valhalla Boatworks' evolution continues with this fascinating insider’s look at the advanced technology and multi-million-dollar machinery used to execute the V-46’s cutting-edge design.

V-46 Deck Layout

Our new V-46’s significant length (46’ 7”) and beam (13’ 4”) allow for an immense amount of space for fishing, storage and seating. From stem to stern, this intuitive layout maximizes comfort and 360-degree accessibility.

Our Boat, Our Life

You couldn’t have scripted this story any better. Viking’s legendary Designer Bruce Wilson, his son David (the current Design Manager for Viking and Valhalla Boatworks) and his young family took delivery of their Valhalla 33 Keel-Bro earlier this month.

Tools, Technology & Talent

In another behind-the-scenes look at the initial stages of our new Valhalla 46’s production, we take a close at the tools and technology used by our two five-axis CNC routers. You’ll also meet the talented programmers controlling this million-dollar machinery as they carve the plugs that will be used to manufacture the V-46 building molds.

Shaping the Future

New product is the pulse of the Viking Yacht Company, and one of the keys to our consistent innovation is our two five-axis CNC routers. In this V Report, follow the fascinating transformation of a massive foam block into the sophisticated double-stepped hull of the new Valhalla 46.

The Next Chapter

Building on the overwhelming success of the V Series high-performance luxury center consoles, the Viking Yacht Company has begun the next chapter in the evolution of Valhalla Boatworks . Click above for the big news.

Magical Morning

Bill Royster, President and CEO of the Los Sueños Resort and Marina in Costa Rica, wasted no time breaking in his new Valhalla 37 . The lines were barely wet on the inaugural fishing trip when Bill hooked a blue marlin – while still driving the boat!

Feel the Beat

Crank the stereo and punch the throttles. Time to blast off aboard this fierce-looking 70-mph V-37 with triple Mercury Verado 400s. We gave you a sneak peek of her two-tone grey-over-black hull in the last V Report , and now (as promised) it’s time to feast your eyes on the completed masterpiece from Valhalla Boatworks (VBW).

Razor-sharp Focus

In less than 18 months, Valhalla Boatworks (VBW) has established itself as one of the top-flight high-performance center console builders in the world. Production of the V-33 , V-37 and V-41 is humming right along thanks to the resilient efforts and razor-sharp focus of our team of managers and shipwrights at Viking Mullica where the V Series is built.

Start to Finish

From start to finish, we are in control of the design and boatbuilding process of our Valhalla Boatworks V Series center consoles. Above, check out the time-lapse video showing our $1 million 5-axis profiler tooling the plug for a V Series hull mold.

White Knight

Valhalla Boatworks has delivered V Series center consoles to destinations as far away as Costa Rica, and there’s one even headed to Australia. But the Valhalla featured here, the V-37 Defiance , is staying right here in New Jersey. After making a short run north to her homeport in Brielle, she’ll soon be on the hunt for stripers, flounder and bluefin tuna.

Match Made in Heaven

The hull designs for the V-33 , V-37 and V-41 (above) are the result of a cooperative effort of the Viking Design & Engineering team and Michael Peters Yacht Design (MPYD), with Viking incorporating specific deadrise, bottom rocker shape, strakes and chines into a bottom that utilizes MPYD’s patented Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT).

Have It Your Way

We believe that every Valhalla owner should be able to put their signature on their V Series center console, whether it's the V-33 , V-37 or V-41 . Our extensive optional equipment list allows you to personalize your boat -- both aesthetically and functionally. VBW's Ryan Higgins takes a close look at a V-41 whose owner wanted the best of both worlds -- comfort and convenience for day cruising and the latest innovations, equipment and technology for fishing.

Power of the Tower

Check out this Valhalla 41 with triple Yamaha 425s – the first V Series center console with a marlin tower. Custom designed, fabricated and installed by the Viking subsidiary Palm Beach Towers (PBT), our marlin towers increase visual fishing and navigation capabilities while keeping the captain close to the crew for optimal communication.

V-37 Walk-through

Join Valhalla Boatworks’ Justin Healey on the V-37 for an in-depth walk-through showcasing the high-performance luxury center console’s vast array of features and options. Along the way, Justin points out examples of her build quality, attention to detail and high-level engineering.

V Series Options

With our extensive optional equipment list, you hold the power to personalize your Valhalla – both aesthetically and functionally. As an example, we’ll take a close look at a V-41 , whose owner wanted both the ability to cruise in comfort and style as well as to fish with the latest innovations and equipment.

Live-bait Fishability

A superior live-well system is essential for boat owners whose fishing success depends in large part on live-bait capacity, location and management. For instance, this V-41 with gap tower is outfitted specifically for sailfishing in Florida, which requires a plentiful variety of fresh, energetic bait.

Walking the Walk

One year after its announcement at the Viking VIP Preview, the Valhalla Boatworks V Series is flying high, with 100 boats sold and nearly 30 delivered. “The enthusiasm has been off the charts and the demand incredible,” Vice President of Sales Mark Waldron said last week at the 2020 VIP. “What a remarkable first year, and we’re going to keep that momentum going.”

All in the Genes

Valhalla Boatworks conquers new ground while continuing to embody the qualities of our family-owned-and-operated company. Viking owners have embraced the V Series, and many have already taken delivery of their first Valhalla, commissioning them as luxury tenders, hard-core fishing center consoles or sexy sportboats.

Upper Echelon

Enter the upper echelon of center consoles with the V-33 , the ideal choice for those looking to join the Viking family and enjoy all of its intrinsic advantages. The patented Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel delivers the softest, driest and most efficient ride of any center console in this size range. She’s got some serious speed, too, topping out at 65 mph with a pair of 400-hp Mercury Verados.

Balanced Attack

The Valhalla Boatworks V-37 flourishes as a fish-raising offshore thoroughbred as well as a fast, sexy sport boat with all-day cruising capability. With triple Mercury Verado 400s, she has incredible speed and range, capable of running 500 miles at a cruise speed of over 50 mph and hitting 70.4 mph with the throttles pinned.

Top Gun

Feeling the need for speed? The top gun of the V Series , the Valhalla 41 , jets to 74 mph at WOT with quad Mercury Verado 400s. All key high-performance design characteristics (sharp entry, variable deadrise, strake and chine design, double steps and ventilated tunnel) work in unison with her propulsion package to deliver a soft, fast, stable and efficient ride; range exceeds 460 miles at 52 mph. The canyons are calling.

Coming on Strong

Watch the Valhalla Boatworks V Series high-performance center consoles strut their stuff in this exclusive video taken from a helicopter during a recent photoshoot. Captured running together in formation and individually, this footage showcases the speed, efficiency and overall performance prowess of the V-33 , V-37 and V-41 . Enjoy!

It's Time

The Viking Yacht Company today unveils to the world the highly anticipated Valhalla Boatworks V Series center consoles as the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show commences under sunny blue skies. The magnificent V-41, V-37 and V-33 made their first appearance at the Viking/Valhalla Sea Trial Event in September, igniting a wild fire of media coverage that quickly anointed our fleet of high-performance center consoles as frontrunners in this highly-contested market.

Attention to Detail

This V Report brings you aboard the Valhalla Boatworks V-33, the consummate choice for boating enthusiasts looking to get into their first Viking-built boat or current owners who want the ultimate tender for their mothership.

Powered by Viking

The same company qualities that make Viking the No. 1 boatbuilder in the world and define “The Viking Difference” also apply to our new sister company, Valhalla Boatworks . The Valhalla Difference means V Series owners get the same innovation, engineering, performance and quality that you’ve come to expect from Viking.

Back to the Future

As promised, all three V Series high-performance center consoles (the V-33 , V-37 and V-41 ) debuted at the Viking Yachts & Valhalla Boatworks Sea Trial Event last week in Atlantic City. It was the culmination of a massive tooling and manufacturing ramp-up that began only seven months ago.

First Look: V-41 Video

The Valhalla Boatworks V-41 – the flagship of the V Series struts her stuff on her initial sea trial. Watch hull No. 1 – powered with a quartet of Mercury 400s – eat up the chop in an exciting demonstration of acceleration, speed and agility. Our V Series center consoles will debut at the Viking/Valhalla Sea Trial Event in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on September 11. Contact your authorized Viking dealer or Gina Waldron for more information. The three-vessel fleet will make its world premiere at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Oct. 30-Nov. 3.

Perfect Fit

We build our V Series center consoles with the same industry-leading levels of workmanship, fit-and-finish, and quality as our Viking sportfishing and motor yachts. Dedicated personnel thoroughly inspect each boat during the build, ensuring greater reliability, safety and customer satisfaction. Case in point: Jim McLaughlin, the Production Manager of Viking Mullica where the V Series boats are built, performs a quality-control check of the stainless Valhalla emblem on a V-37.

Your Ride's Here

All three of our V Series center consoles feature clean, highly-functional deck layouts. Their designs maximize walkaround access and deliver all the fishing equipment, seating options and top-shelf accessories you’ll need to make the most of your V Series experience. Every inch of space has been carefully planned and executed by the most experienced design and engineering team in the business.

V Series Video

The first Valhalla Boatworks V Series center console – the V-37 – has hit the water. Click on the above image to watch the initial sea trial, which comes only six months after Viking announced this revolutionary line of high-performance luxury center consoles. And click here to sign up for more updates.

Focus and Commitment

Each V Series model (V-33, V-37 and V-41) has its own dedicated production line at Viking Mullica, a testament to the focus and commitment we’ve made to our Valhalla Boatworks high-performance center consoles. Above: On the V-37 line, overhead electric hoists move a deck liner into position for installation into the hull.

Prime Real Estate

Our V Series center consoles are designed with clean deck layouts that maximize 360-degree walk-around access while providing abundant storage and an arsenal of fishing equipment and features. Here’s a closer look at the V-37.

The Right Stuff

Here’s an inside look at our R&D and product development departments in New Gretna. In this 36,000-square-foot facility, highly skilled and experienced designers, engineers and craftsmen use leading-edge technology and machinery to produce the tools our shipwrights at Valhalla Boatworks need to build the groundbreaking V Series center consoles at our Mullica plant.

Front Runner

Click on the image above to come inside our R&D facility for a sneak peek at the early production stages of the V-41. The flagship of the Valhalla Boatworks V Series, this triple- or quad-powered offshore runner is poised to take the reins as the leading high-performance 40-plus-foot center console on the market.

Time to Step Up

The V Series Seakeeper installations illustrate our engineering and mechanical prowess. The gyros are positioned in a centerline-engineered mounting space that’s molded into the stringer grid. Melvin Bonilla (left), Mechanical Department Foreman, and Mechanical Engineer Andrew Sterling (right) guide a Seakeeper SK 3 into the V-37. The V-41 is also designed for an SK 3, while the V-33 accepts an SK 2.

Mullica Milestones

In this behind-the-scenes look at the build process of our exciting new V Series center consoles, hull No. 1 of the V-37 is pulled from its mold at Viking Mullica. A custom hydraulic-powered turning machine allows our shipwrights to rotate, raise and lower the hull for optimal build positioning. This is a full-throttle ramp-up, so we’ve established separate manufacturing lines for each of the three Valhalla Boatworks models – the V-33, V-37 and V-41.

Welcome to the V Report

Thank you for joining the Valhalla Boatworks V Report. In this introductory edition email, we provide you with the inside story of the conception and creation of this new line of high-performance center console boats brought to you by the legendary Viking Yacht Company. Click on the image above to get all the details.

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